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Frida a Caribbean dream

Solo Exhibition
 October 27 - November 3, 2022  |  CDMX
🎨   Esteban Machado Díaz

👉   Casa León, Campeche 281, Hipódromo Condesa, CDMX   🚕

The art exhibition, “Frida a Caribbean dream” by the Cuban plastic artist, Esteban
Machado Díaz, is held in honor of the 115th Anniversary of Frida Kahlo's Birth, in
the framework of the festival of the Dead.
The exhibition is made up of 10 works of various formats,
all worked in acrylic on canvas. The self-representation of the figure of Frida Kahlo
From Martí's vision of a Cuban artist, it is characterized by a loose brushstroke,
where the visual result is evoked by the fusion of colors in the viewer's gaze.
A chromatic balance between cold and warm tones is proposed with a philosophical language,
where the landscape and the figure are the main communicators, achieving realism in
the elements, but far from photographic hyperrealism and surrealism.

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Frida caribeñaFrida caribeña
Esteban Machado Díaz
Frida caribeña Sale priceFrom $990 USD
(0.0)Print Edition
Frida surtidor de ternuraFrida surtidor de ternura
(0.0)Print Edition
Cena entre amigosCena entre amigos
Esteban Machado Díaz
Cena entre amigos Sale priceFrom $1,900 USD
(0.0)Print Edition
Festividad de los muertosFestividad de los muertos
(0.0)Print Edition
Frida entre lo terrenal y lo divinoFrida entre lo terrenal y lo divino
Frida un sueño caribeñoFrida un sueño caribeño
(0.0)Print Edition
Mi sueño dulce y profundoMi sueño dulce y profundo
(0.0)Print Edition
Rosa para el amigo sinceroRosa para el amigo sincero
(0.0)Print Edition
Frida, flor solitariaFrida, flor solitaria
(0.0)Print Edition
La monarcaLa monarca
Esteban Machado Díaz
La monarca Sale price$10,000 USD
(0.0)Print Edition
La catrinaLa catrina
Esteban Machado Díaz
La catrina Sale priceFrom $1,495 USD
(0.0)Print Edition
Las pasiones de FridaLas pasiones de Frida
(0.0)Print Edition

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