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Esteban Machado Díaz, 2021


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Decorating with art

"Something as fragile as the butterfly and as strong at the same time, according to chaos theory. It is exactly like faith. When you have it well established, everything moves"

Artist Profile

Esteban Machado Díaz


Painter, Sculptor, Drawer, and Illustrator


His work has its genesis in the study of the first Cuban landscape painters, at the time they were a Caribbean expression of the European academy. Machado studied the rural landscape with Esteban Chartrand, Valentín Sanz Carta, Federico Américo, Miguel Arias, Federico Fernández Cavada, Gonzalo Escalante, Leopoldo Romañach and Armando Menocal. He makes universal references in technique, color and light to the Hudson River School with Albert Bierstadt, as well as European marine and landscape designers such as Dominic Serres, Willian Turner, John Constable, Iván Aivazovsky, Iván Shishkin and Ilya Repin.

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