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Sombra de la verdad

Miguel Ángel Couret, 2023

23.6x18.9 inches

Sale price$6,200 USD
Sombra de la verdad
Sombra de la verdad Sale price$6,200 USD

Decorating with art

"Art is the reflection of reality, interpreted by an enlightened being"

Artist Profile

Miguel Ángel Couret


Painter and Drawer


Couret’s work is symbolically indebted to the Cuban tradition of showing life as it unfolds, exposing reality without complacency or care for controversy. These works are ripe for disagreement, discussion and admiration. He is the embodiment of Cuba’s artistic ethos—a pledge to continually improve, to find the road less traveled and a continuous quest for inspiration so he may more powerfully depict the real Cuba (past and present) whatever it costs.

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