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Sinecio Cuétara Menecia, 2024

52x35.4 inches

Sale price$13,000 USD
Esperanza Sale price$13,000 USD

Decorating with art

"Each generation looks at works of art with new eyes"

Artist Profile

Sinecio Cuétara Menecia


Painter and Sculptor


Cuetara Meneses is an infinite apprentice of Cuban artistic tradition. He has been greatly influenced and nourished by Cuba’s rich artistic tradition starting with the School the 19th century, the Cuban avant-garde of the 20th century and finally the multilayered universe of Cuba’s contemporary art.

Each generation contemplates works of art with new eyes, especially because
they experience them anew through a different cultural, social and political lens.
Cuetara Meneses is no different. For him, as so many others in his cohort their
vision of the world and their art are one and the same.

The concept of beauty changes according to the prism through which it is viewed. This experience is necessarily different across people, cultures and time. Cuban artists–including all our exhibitors– have a rich past to draw insight and a tumultuous present as inspiration for their message.

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