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Arturo Montoto Echevarría, 2003

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"In my work, fruits are a colorful element, a delicate, soft element with an edible, juicy and tasty mass"

Artist Profile

Arturo Montoto Echevarría


Painter, Sculptor, Drawer, Photographer, Muralist, and Engraver


His work is the result of an inquiry in the field of pictorial visuality of post-Renaissance heritage, modeled by the representational resources of the Western tradition. The artist's fruits have been penetrating the visual palate of the spectators for several years and fuse their color, realism, and touches of abstraction in cities such as Paris and the Vatican where they have been exhibited. His paintings generate an explosion of senses. The viewer palpates and tastes with his eyes these tropical fruits of Montoto, selected from the exquisiteness, delicacy and a mass whose juiciness transcends oils and brushes. His works have illustrated and have been referenced in numerous magazines and books in several countries, and have been in fairs and auctions in important international art venues. His work Here in Peace... was presented as a gift to Pope Juan Pablo II in October 1999 at the Holy See in the Vatican, Rome.

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